GAMS Case Studies

Here at GAMS we are proud to work closely with our customers and help them solve their problems. Below you will find a selection of case studies that demonstrate the diverse application areas of mathematical optimization with GAMS.

Modeling Transportation Carbon Intensity Targets for the EU with GAMS

Area: Economic Modeling and Policy Problem class: MCP Modeling Transportation Carbon Intensity Targets for the EU with GAMS Background The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) is a non-profit organization, helping governments and policy makers make the right decisions to reduce air pollution and reduce fuel consumption, across all modes of transport.

MCP Economic Modeling and Policy

Transitioning of a Large Electricity Model into the Amazon Cloud

Stadtwerke M√ľnchen have recently lifted their computationally expensive GAMS model into the cloud. This white paper gives a high level overview of the techniques used and the benefits of a cloud deployment over a traditional on-premise solution.

LP Energy Market

Managing Retail Stock Distribution at Premium Shoe Manufacturer Goertz

As a medium sized fashion producer and retailer, Goertz regularly faces the challenge of how to redistribute stock across 150 retail stores. A newly developed solution with a GAMS model at its core helps Goertz to intelligently redistribute stock multiple times during the sales season. With the new solution, Goertz has been able to increase stock availability and at the same time shave off an average of seven days of each redistribution cycle.

MIP Fashion Retail


At the United States Military Academy in West Point, all students must graduate in four years. Each student’s daily activities are a carefully regimented balance of academic, military, and physical requirements. The ~4,500 enrolled cadets compile their individual academic programs, which results in challenging scheduling problems. USMA relies on a highly customized decision support system, based on GAMS.

MIP / MINLP Scheduling

Optimizing Power Trading Auctions at 50 Hertz

Supported by several TSOs, the 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, TSO of Eastern Germany and part of the Elia group, manages an internet platform to collect bids and execute described auctions of balancing reserves. A GAMS model helps them match supply with demand in an efficient way.

MIP Energy Market

Analytik Jena

High Throughput Screening is a scientific experimentation method widely used in pharmaceutical research especially in the field of drug discovery. Because the large number of promising compounds for new drugs cannot be analyzed by manual labor, the screening process is automated using robotics. A GAMS model helps increase experimental throughput.

MIP Pharmaceutical


The electricity generation sector in the U.S. is a major contributor of CO2 emissions. Thus emissions reductions from this sector will play a central role in any coordinated CO2 emission reduction effort aimed at combating climate change. One technology option that may help the electricity generation sector meet this challenge is carbon capture and storage (CCS). The U.S. Department of Energy is using GAMS in two projects aimed at advancing carbon capture technologies.

LP / MIP / MINLP Energy