GAMS MIRO (Model Interface with Rapid Orchestration) is a solution that makes it easy to turn your GAMS models into interactive end user applications that you can distribute to your colleagues and even host on a webserver.

The user friendly interface allows you to interact with the underlying GAMS model, quickly create different scenarios, compare results and much more. MIRO's extensive data visualization capabilities provide you with the ability to create powerful charts, time series, maps, widgets, etc. with ease.

You can create your first application within minutes and then develop it step by step. No programming knowledge is required, the focus is rather on providing a wide range of configuration options. If the configuration options are not sufficient for you, you can become creative yourself and implement your own ideas.


GAMS MIRO's features open up entirely new opportunities to share and distribute your models:


  • Render GAMS Symbols with configurable standard graph types (Bar Charts, Scatter Plots, Pie Charts, etc)
  • Slice and dice data across different dimensions using the powerful Pivot tool
  • Save and retrieve visualizations as views

Scenario Handling

  • Input and output data of individual model runs is stored in a database that comes with MIRO
  • Tags allow categorization and easy retrieval of specific runs
  • Hypercube jobs allow running multi-dimensional parameter sweeps


  • MIRO is open source and based on R-Shiny.
  • Functionality can be extended by writing custom R code, e.g. to create complex data dashboards

MIRO Gallery

The gallery gives you an idea of what is possible with MIRO. Test our example applications directly in your browser, even on your mobile!

MIRO Gallery

GAMS MIRO Deployment Options

Depending on your needs, you can deploy GAMS MIRO in three different ways.

MIRO Desktop, Local Only

A fully local installation is ideal for development work. GAMS, solvers and MIRO all run on your local machine, no internet connection required.

MIRO Desktop, Boosted By GAMS Engine

One step up from the fully local installation, a local MIRO can run GAMS jobs on an instance of GAMS Engine. Benefits are:

  • Asynchronous runs
  • Usage of powerful server hardware for large models
  • Central license administration

MIRO Server

In this setup both GAMS MIRO, and GAMS Engine run on server hardware. The MIRO user interface can be accessed via a webbrowser (all modern browsers, including mobile devices are supported).

This type of installation is ideal for teams that need to share models, either within a large organization, or between countries. Since no software other than a webbrowser needs to be installed on the client machines, you can share your MIRO applications with policy makers and other stakeholders.

Please email us at if you would like to discuss how GAMS MIRO might fit into your organization, or to request a detailed quote or an evaluation copy.