Two Companies - one Mission

Well established

GAMS is one of the leading tool providers for the optimization industry, with offices in the US and Germany. With customers in more than 120 countries, GAMS is used by multinational companies, universities, research institutions and governments in many different areas, including the energy and chemical industries, for economic modeling, agricultural planning, or manufacturing.

A long history

Started as a project at the World Bank by an economic modeling group in the 1970s, GAMS was the first software system to combine the language of mathematical algebra with traditional concepts of computer programming in order to efficiently describe and solve optimization problems. Nowadays, algebraic modeling is considered to be the most productive way of implementing optimization models and decomposition methods for optimization problems.

GAMS became a commercial product in November 1987, when the GAMS Development Corporation was founded in Washington, D.C. by Alexander Meeraus, Richard C. Price, and Gary Kutcher. In November 1995 Alexander Meeraus and Franz Nelissen founded GAMS Software GmbH.

Our Mission

At GAMS we are all about algebraic modeling and optimization. We make life easy for our customers by providing the most efficient way to implement optimization models, and taking care of the technical details. We innovate responsibly, and guarantee long term compatibility of our products with customer model code.